Be a Good Boy and Marry Me - C.179 - : Turns out to be the legendary

Be a Good Boy and Marry Me

C.179 - : Turns out to be the legendary

Chapter 179: Chapter 179: Turns out to be the legendary

Madam President _1

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Because of Gu Li’s sudden appearance, Mo Shiting had no mood to return to the company.

The executives who had temporarily escaped a fate were simply worshipping

Gu Li as a goddess.

However, they soon learned that this young lady was none other than the legendary president’s wife.

My, my, my, that’s something.

On the other hand, Gu Li took the same car back to Huo’s old house with Mo Shiting.

Lu Yang was the driver, and they sat in the back seat.

As for Da Ha, of course, he took his helicopter back.

In the car, Lu Yang wisely pulled up the partition.

It had been several days since Mo Shiting noticed that this girl seemed to have put on a little weight.

So he couldn’t help reaching out to squeeze her face, teasingly asking, “Gained some weight?”

The tender and bouncy touch made him reluctant to let go.

Gu Li pulled off his magic claw, glared at him with a pout, “Where have I gained weight? I’ve only gained one pound.”

What kind of sharp eyes?

Can he even notice such slight weight gain?

“Well, maybe it all went to your face.”

He replied truthfully.

Gu Li was so angry that she didn’t want to talk to him, “Hmph!”

Seeing her turning her head away, Mo Shiting gave her a sideways glance, deliberately saying,”Gaining weight is better, just like a little pig, every part of you is precious.”

Gu Li turned her head, gritted her teeth, “You’re the pig, your whole family are Pigs.”

Mo Shiting: “And who’s family are you from?”

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Gu Li was speechless.

Right, wasn’t she part of his family too?

“Hmph, I won’t be part of your family soon.”

She said, sulking.

Anyway, she’s counting the days. Once the one-month cooling-off period is over, even if he begs in tears, she will still get a divorce.

Mo Shiting furrowed his eyebrows, was about to say “you won’t get that chance”, at that moment, his phone rang, a call came in.

Seeing the caller ID, he pursed his lips, and didn’t answer it in front of Gu Li.

Gu Li saw him avoid her, her eyes darkened, and she felt a complicated emotion.

The conversation was interrupted, and the two people, each with their own thoughts, agreed not to mention it again.

The car was heading towards the Mo Family Villa.

After a few minutes, Mo Shiting took the initiative to ask, “How did your test go?”

“It was fine, it didn’t stump me.”

Gu Li said confidently.

“Same with the one this afternoon?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t hand in my paper early if I’m not confident.”

After Gu Li finished, she immediately thought of something, she asked, “What about you? Did things go smoothly in Country E? Did the Black Blood League bother you there?”

“Don’t worry, they can’t touch me.”

Mo Shiting spoke nonchalantly.

The recent explosion in Country E is probably related to The Black Blood League, but he doesn’t want to involve her.

She, just needs to stay under his wings, and be a simple little girl.

However, there’s one thing he didn’t understand. The Black Blood League is an assassin organization. If their target was him, they could have directly arranged for an assassination, why go to such lengths to arrange everything in Country E?

Could it be, their goal is not just his life, but to take down the entire Mo Group?

Thinking about it, Mo Shiting couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, a murderous intent glimmering in his eyes.

Mo Family Villa.

“Little Pear, how come you’re back?”

Seeing Gu Li unexpectedly returning a few hours early, Old Master Mo was surprised.

Especially when he saw she came in with Mo Shiting, he was even more astonished.

“Aren’t you supposed to finish your exam at six? It’s just past four, I thought you wouldn’t be back till eight.”

“Grandpa, I handed in my paper early this afternoon.”

Gu Li scratched her head, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Hearing this, Old Master Mo glared at Mo Shiting, “It must be you who slowed her down and made Little Pear hand in her papers early, right?”

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