As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store - C.505 - : If You Can’t Beat Them, Join them

As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store

C.505 - : If You Can’t Beat Them, Join them

Chapter 505: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join them

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In the Hua Hong Group conference room, representatives from both sides sat separately. By now, Zhao Fang had recovered from his earlier shock and was contemplating how to share some crucial information with Fu Cheng.

Biting her lip, Zhao Fang approached Fu Cheng and said, “Brother Fu, 1 have something important to tell you.”

Fu Cheng was momentarily surprised but nodded in agreement.

“I apologize, President Zhou, but I have some urgent matters to attend to. 1’11 be back shortly.”

“No problem, there’s still about ten minutes left until the shareholders’ meeting, and one shareholder hasn’t arrived yet. You go ahead and take care of your business,” Zhou Chao replied. He had observed their conversation and had a general idea of what was happening, so he didn’t intervene.

Fu Cheng nodded and left the office with Zhao Fang. They found an empty conference room, and Fu Cheng furrowed his brows, asking, “Ah Fang, what’s the matter? It seems quite urgent.”

After taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, Zhao Fang slowly began, “1 know the origin of the Dragonfly Group that Young Master Zhou mentioned.” “You know? Quickly, tell me. What is the Dragonfly Group?” Fu Cheng’s eyes lit up with anticipation. If he could learn more about the other party, he might find a way to salvage his own situation. After all, the connections they had built over the years were not something to be taken lightly.

Organizing his thoughts, Zhao Fang continued, “This matter relates to what happened with Zhang Ruoyun before.”

“Zhang Ruoyun? Didn’t we resolve that issue already? They paid the breach of contract penalty. How does this connect to the Dragonfly Group?” Fu Cheng was puzzled since Zhao Fang was in charge of company matters, and important issues were typically reported to him. Since this matter involved family, they often handled it within the household.

“It’s true that we resolved it, but before that, a company called the Dragonfly Group contacted Zhang Ruoyun and even had Lao Ma get involved to reach out to us. However, we declined their offer.”

Fu Cheng’s expression changed upon hearing this. He quickly asked, “Lao Ma? Why wasn’t I informed of this matter?”

“It wasn’t Lao Ma personally who made the call; it was his assistant. They didn’t explain the situation clearly, just mentioned someone wanted to negotiate. 1 thought they were using Lao Ma’s name to pressure us, so 1 asked for some time to consider it and eventually declined the offer. After Zhang Ruoyun repaid the money, 1 didn’t think much of it. I never imagined it would turn out like this,” Zhao Fang said, his voice becoming choked with emotion.

Fu Cheng now understood the situation better. It seemed like Dragonfly Group had extended an olive branch, but they had not been receptive, and their refusal might have offended the other party, especially considering they involved Lao Ma.

Fu Cheng sighed deeply and said, “I’ll call Lao Ma and inquire about the situation to see if he can help us out. Thank you for letting me know.”

He took out his phone and dialed the number, and after four or five rings, Lao Ma answered.

“Hello!” came Lao Ma’s instantly recognizable voice.

“Director Ma, hello, I’m Fucheng from Huaxia Films, and I wanted to inquire about something.” Fucheng didn’t waste any time and went straight to the point.

“You may proceed, what is it?”

“I just wanted to ask about the owner of Dragonfly Group. I wonder if you have any information about them.”

Upon hearing this, Lao Ma probably already understood what was going on. After all, he hadn’t forgotten the favor Zhou Chao had asked of him before. “What? Have you gotten into trouble with them?”

Upon hearing Lao Ma’s question, Fucheng hesitated for a moment, then quickly explained the whole situation. For a moment, Fucheng’s breathing slowed down as if he was waiting for a verdict.

“I can’t help you with this matter. Even if you search through all the members of the Zhejiang Business Association, it won’t help. In the end, it’s your own mistake, and you can’t blame anyone else.”

Upon hearing this, Fucheng felt as if he had fallen into an abyss with no bottom. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

“Director Ma, can you tell me about their strength?”

“Their strength? 1 can’t even see that kid’s strength clearly. If I were to say, their overall strength is not inferior to my Ali Group. That’s it; I’ve said enough. Handle it on your own.” Lao Ma said before hanging up the phone.

Looking at Fucheng, who looked dejected, Zhao Fang said guiltily, “Fucheng, I’ve caused trouble for the company!”

“All, it’s okay. The situation is already set, and there’s no use in talking about it anymore. We can’t beat them, so we’ll just have to accept our fate!” Fucheng had a resigned attitude.

“Brother Fu, if we were to join their group, do you think Young Master Zhou would be willing to accept us? Think about it, we’ve been in this industry for so many years, with countless connections. It’s a natural advantage, and with our addition, the company might flourish even more.”

“If we can’t beat them, should we join them? That’s a good idea, but we shouldn’t appear too eager. Let’s see how the situation develops first.” Fucheng had figured it out. Even if the company wasn’t his, with Zhou Chao’s support, they could still make a lot of money..

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