As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store - C.500 - : Young People Don’t Pay Attention to Martial Virtue!

As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store

C.500 - : Young People Don’t Pay Attention to Martial Virtue!

Chapter 500: Young People Don’t Pay Attention to Martial Virtue!

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“You changed your outfit so many times and yet you’re still not satisfied?”

“I changed my clothes many times, but 1 found that only this outfit looks slightly better. The others didn’t really match the celebration.”

“Alright, let’s go. If we don’t leave now, we might be late.” Zhou Chao held Jiang Li’s hand and headed outside.

The full name of Zhiwei Hall was Zhiwei Hall of West Lake State Guesthouse. The guesthouse itself was a semi-open garden, surrounded by the lake on three sides and backed by a mountain, offering picturesque scenery. It encapsulated the beauty of West Lake and was not far from where Zhou Chao and the others were staying. It only took a few minutes by car to reach.

“Wow, the scenery here is really nice. I didn’t expect such a large estate.”

“Lao Ma chose a great place. Look over there; that’s Leifeng Pagoda.”

“When we were strolling around West Lake last night, why didn’t we notice it? What a shame.”

“It’s not too late to see it today. Let’s go inside.”

Jiang Li linked arms with Zhou Chao, and the two of them walked towards the guesthouse.

“Hello, do you have a reservation?” A young greeter approached them quickly.

“Is Ma Yun in that private room?”

“Ma… Ma Yun?” The greeter was taken aback when he heard the name. Could this person also be an invited guest? Wasn’t it supposed to be the women’s volleyball team members today?

“He said he would be here. Hasn’t he arrived yet?” Zhou Chao couldn’t help but mutter softly.

Hearing Zhou Chao’s words, the greeter immediately snapped back to attention. It seemed that this person was a young master. He quickly said, “Director Ma has arrived. I’m sorry for the confusion. Please follow me.”

The two followed the greeter to the second floor and soon stopped in front of a private room called Zhiwei Pavilion.

“Sir, this is the private room Director Ma booked. Please.”

Zhou Chao nodded. “Alright, thank you.”

After that, Zhou Chao lightly knocked on the door of the private room, and it was opened immediately by a young man.

Glancing at Zhou Chao and Jiang Li, the young man furrowed his brows slightly and asked, “Hello, may I help you with something?”

“Lao Ma invited me to dinner. Is there a problem if I come in?” Zhou Chao looked at the young man, who was most likely an assistant or something similar. Perhaps, being around Lao Ma had raised his standards, and he no longer spoke in hushed tones.

The young man’s expression changed instantly upon hearing Zhou Chao’s words. He nervously asked, “Are you Mr. Zhou?”

Zhou Chao nodded indifferently.

“Mr. Zhou, please come in. Director Ma and the women’s volleyball team have been waiting for you for a while.” the young man became much more respectful.

As they entered the private room, they saw that the spacious room was already filled with people. Lao Ma was sitting in the main seat, chatting with a middle-aged woman who appeared to be the coach of the women’s volleyball team.

“Little guy Zhou, you’ve finally arrived,” Lao Ma saw Zhou Chao walking in and quickly got up to greet him.

This scene left everyone in the room stunned. There are probably very few people in China whom Lao Ma would personally welcome, and he was so young. For a moment, the members of the women’s volleyball team began brainstorming.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Ma, something came up, and I got delayed a bit. Let me introduce you to my wife, Jiang Li.”

“Hello, Uncle Ma,” Jiang Li greeted softly and then stepped back behind Zhou Chao.

“When did you get married, young man? You didn’t even invite me to your wedding.” Lao Ma was also surprised. He hadn’t expected Zhou Chao to get married so quickly. After all, Zhou Chao had introduced Jiang Li as his wife, not just a girlfriend.

“We just got the marriage certificate, haven’t had the wedding yet,” Zhou Chao said with a smile and naturally held Jiang Li’s hand with his left hand.

“Don’t forget to invite me when you have the wedding. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Coincidentally, there were two empty seats on the left side of Lao Ma. Zhou Chao and Jiang Li sat down, and as soon as they did, they noticed that the women’s volleyball team members had all focused their attention on Zhou Chao.

Zhou Chao whispered to Jiang Li, “Do I have something dirty on me? Why is everyone looking at me?”

Jiang Li covered her mouth and chuckled softly, “It’s mainly because you’re so handsome, Brother /Chao!”

“Come on, Little guy Zhou, let me introduce you to the person beside me,” Lao Ma lightly tapped Zhou Chao’s hand and said.

“Uncle Ma, there’s no need for introductions. I often follow sports events, and I’ve heard of Coach Lang. Hello, Coach Lang!” Zhou Chao stood up proactively and extended his right hand.

“Hello, hello!” Coach Lang quickly stood up and shook Zhou Chao’s hand. She had seen a lot in her life, and though she didn’t know Zhou Chao’s exact identity, she was sure he was not an ordinary person, given Lao Ma’s respectful treatment.

“Please, both of you, have a seat. You don’t need to stand. Today is a great day to celebrate our women’s volleyball team’s championship!”

After both of them sat down, Lao Ma signaled his assistant to start serving the dishes. Sitting idly was not an option.

“Uncle Ma, this time, with the women’s volleyball team winning the championship, shouldn’t you do something special? I remember you once emptied the shopping cart for the women’s soccer team,” Zhou Chao teased Lao Ma with a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

Lao Ma was a bit caught off guard by Zhou Chao’s sudden attack, but he quickly recovered.

“You sly kid! Fortunately, 1 was prepared in advance, or you might have caught me off guard,” Lao Ma said with a smile, a glint of cunning in his eyes as he contemplated how to turn the tables.

“Well, then I must thank you on behalf of the women’s volleyball team, Uncle Ma,” Zhou Chao replied with a playful smile. After all, he was quite pleased to see Lao Ma taken aback.

The women’s volleyball team members sitting at the table were filled with anticipation, wondering what kind of reward they might receive.

“Speaking of which, if you don’t express your appreciation, I heard that your Dragonfly Group is now thriving, with annual earnings approaching a hundred billion. You’ve made such a big move quietly, and the most surprising part is that nobody knows the young man behind Dragonfly Group is in his early twenties. The young generation has surpassed the previous generation; the previous generation eventually fades away. The future belongs to you young people.”

Zhou Chao didn’t expect Lao Ma to be so blunt and reveal his background, even if it was just a glimpse of the bigger picture. It left everyone present stunned, their mouths hanging open in surprise.

“Flaha, Uncle Ma, I came prepared this time. I’ve prepared a surprise for the women’s volleyball team, but now that you’ve spilled the beans, the surprise is gone. Sigh!”

“What surprise?”

Zhou Chao, with a sense of satisfaction, took out a check from his pocket and said, “Here, this is something 1 prepared specifically for today. Coach Lang mentioned that she doesn’t like public occasions, so I’m giving it to you privately. Consider this three million as a gift for the women’s volleyball team. As for how to allocate it, it’s up to you.”

He handed the check to Coach Lang, who was still bewildered and hadn’t reacted. By the time she came to her senses, the check was already in her hand. “Uncle Ma, you’ve seen my surprise, what about yours?” Zhou Chao sensed that Lao Ma was not willing to back down, and he was genuinely happy to see this big shot taken aback, even if there was no smile on his face.

Lao Ma, realizing that this was a trap set up specifically for him, decided to take the bait. He had unknowingly walked right into it, while Zhou Chao had led him astray. “Young people these days are starting to play dirty,” Lao Ma thought to himself.

“Xiao Li, bring my bag here.”

Young assistant Xiao Li quickly handed over the bag he was holding to Lao Ma. Lao Ma didn’t waste any time. He took out his checkbook and wrote a check for five million, then handed it to Coach Lang. He said, “I won’t clear your shopping cart this time. You can buy whatever you like later!”

“Thank you, Director Ma!” Coach Lang now understood that Zhou Chao was helping them deal with the rich man.

While the women’s volleyball team was still immersed in happiness, Lao Ma gave Zhou Chao a somewhat resentful look. He was about to speak, but the hotel staff pushed a serving cart into the room. Just as Lao Ma was about to say something, he swallowed his words and let the staff proceed..

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