As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store - C.494 - : I’m Really Not a Celebrity!

As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store

C.494 - : I’m Really Not a Celebrity!

Chapter 494: I’m Really Not a Celebrity!

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Evening, 6:20 PM!

“Driver, to Mango Tower!”

Zhou Chao and Jiang Li sat in the back of a taxi, both holding boxes of oden, especially Jiang Li’s box, which was filled with a large quantity of fish balls.

“Do you think you can finish all that?” Zhou Chao wondered, considering Jiang Li had ordered a whopping fifteen skewers of various types of oden.

“Of course, I can finish it! I’m not eating alone!” Jiang Li replied, glancing down at her slightly bulging stomach.

Seeing this, Zhou Chao stopped questioning her. He had already made up his mind that if Jiang Li couldn’t finish it, he would take care of the leftovers. Wasting food was not in his vocabulary.

“Young man, have 1 seen you somewhere before?” the taxi driver asked in a genuine Modu accent through the rearview mirror.

“Seen me? No way, uncle. This is my first time in Modu,”

“I must have seen you somewhere. Let me think… You’re from that boy band on TV, right? Yeah, one of those boy bands. I didn’t realize you were a star!” The driver squinted at Zhou Chao through the mirror.

On the other side, Jiang Li couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

Zhou Chao’s lips twitched a few times, and he decided to go along with the driver’s words.

“That’s right, sir. I’m a member of a boy band. I’m here to participate in a program at Mango Tower. 1 didn’t expect you to be interested in these things!”

“It’s not that I’m interested, but my daughter is into these things. All those oppas and unnies, 1 don’t understand it at all. But my little girl really likes them. She often stays up late watching those shows.” The driver’s mood suddenly turned somewhat melancholic.

“Your daughter must be quite young. You don’t look much older than forty,” Zhou Chao observed as he looked at the driver through the rearview mirror.

“Not bad, young man. You’ve got a good eye. I’m thirty-eight this year, and my daughter just turned sixteen today. Handsome lad, would it be convenient to take a photo together? I’ve never met a celebrity before, and I’d like to show it off to my daughter when I get back!” The driver looked at Zhou Chao with hopeful eyes.

Zhou Chao found himself in a dilemma. After all, he wasn’t a real celebrity, but he didn’t want to disappoint the driver’s heartfelt request. He didn’t want his few words to shatter the driver’s excitement.

Jiang Li, on the other hand, was nodding vigorously on the side. Zhou Chao smiled and replied, “No problem, sir. 1 hope your daughter likes it!”

“Haha, don’t worry, she’ll definitely love it. After all, you’re so handsome!” The taxi driver chuckled.

They soon arrived at Mango Tower. Zhou Chao was about to scan the QR code when the taxi driver stopped him.

“Young man, you don’t need to pay for the fare. I’ve heard that these celebrity photos are quite valuable. If you’re willing to take a picture with me, that’s thanks enough, and you can save the money!”

“One good turn deserves another. If you don’t let me pay, 1 might regret what I said earlier!”

The taxi driver reluctantly put his hand down, and Zhou Chao promptly paid the fare.

After getting out of the taxi, Zhou Chao and the driver stood by the car while Jiang Li took several photos of them. The taxi driver looked delighted when he saw the pictures.

“Thank you, young man!”

“No problem. 1’11 go in now.” Zhou Chao held Jiang Li’s hand and walked past a trash can, casually tossing the empty box he had finished eating into it.

As they arrived at the entrance of Mango Tower, they were stopped by the security guard. Zhou Chao quickly took out his phone and showed the electronic ticket that Professor He had sent him to the guard.

“Beep!” The security guard scanned the ticket and, after confirming its validity, opened the entrance for them.

Just as they entered, a woman in her early thirties with a Mango Tower staff badge hanging from her chest approached them.

“Hello, may 1 ask if you are Mr. Zhou Chao?” the woman inquired.

“I am. Who are you?” Zhou Chao nodded and had a good guess about the situation.

“I’m Assistant to Professor He. He sent me to pick you up. Please follow me.” The woman raised her right hand to guide them.

Zhou Chao and Jiang Li followed the assistant towards the elevator. At this point, the taxi driver outside the main entrance became even more convinced of Zhou Chao’s celebrity status.

They soon arrived on the floor where they needed to be. Just as they exited the elevator, they encountered a flamboyantly dressed man.

“Hey, Xiaoxin, who are these two?” the man asked casually, but his eyes lingered on Zhou Chao and Jiang Li, especially when he saw Jiang Li, a peculiar gleam appeared in his eyes.

“Young Master Wang, these two are Professor He’s VIP guests!” Xiaoxin emphasized the word ‘VIP’ with a touch of seriousness.

“Professor He’s VIP guests? Well, 1 won’t disturb you then!” Upon hearing Professor He’s name, Young Master Wang’s expression turned somewhat unpleasant. After uttering those words, he turned and entered the elevator. However, as the elevator doors closed, he cast a sidelong glance at Jiang Li, even offering a sly smile. But all of this did not escape Zhou Chao’s keen eyes.

“Sorry, Mr. Zhou, that’s our leader’s young master. He’s known for his amorous tendencies, so please be cautious!” Xiaoxin looked around and whispered.

“No worries, we’ll handle it. He’s not a big deal.” Zhou Chao replied calmly.

Jiang Li remained composed as well. After all, in her eyes, this young master was just a minor character.

They soon reached Professor He’s dressing room. As they entered, they saw Professor He sitting in a makeup chair, holding a script in one hand and reading it while getting his makeup done.

“Professor He, Mr. Zhou has arrived!”

“Young Master Zhou, please have a seat. I’ll be done in a moment!” He continued to read the script and didn’t get up to greet them. After all, it was inconvenient to interrupt his makeup process, and it would take some time.

“No problem, Professor He. Take your time!” Zhou Chao waved his hand and sat down on the sofa with Jiang Li.

“Well, Xiaoxin, could you fetch some fruit and pastries for Young Master Zhou?”

In no time, Xiaoxin brought over a small table with a fruit platter and a pastry platter.

“Thank you!” Zhou Chao expressed his gratitude with a smile to Xiaoxin and the others.

“No trouble at all!” Xiaoxin blushed when she saw Zhou Chao’s smile and quickly left the room.

“Oh my, our Brother Chao’s charm is truly something! You’ve even got people blushing,” Jiang Li teased playfully, holding a cherry tomato.

Zhou Chao gave Jiang Li an exasperated look and casually took the cherry tomato from her hand, playfully letting their tongues touch, making Jiang Li blush and look around discreetly. When no one was paying attention, she lightly tapped Zhou Chao’s arm.

“Why are you becoming more mischievous?” she whispered.

“Where have I become mischievous?” Zhou Chao smirked, looking at Jiang Li meaningfully.

“Hmph!” Jiang Li blushed and turned away, engaging herself with the fruit and pastries.

Professor He didn’t keep Zhou Chao and Jiang Li waiting for long. After about ten minutes, he had finished his makeup and hairstyle.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

“No problem, Professor He. The pastries here are quite good!”

“Good to hear. It’s almost time. I’ll take you to the audience seats.” Professor He glanced at the time; it was less than twenty minutes before the show started.

Zhou Chao nodded and held Jiang Li’s hand as they followed Professor He out of the room, heading towards the recording area.

“Professor He, are you not recording ‘Bright Detective’ today?” Jiang Li asked curiously.

“We are recording it. We’ve already done the daytime recording.”

“Does that mean the new season is about to start? I’ve been waiting for it for a long time!”

“Haha, don’t worry. Let me give you a little sneak peek. It’s expected to premiere early next month!” Professor He said mysteriously.

“That’s amazing! I can’t wait!” Jiang Li was thrilled.

With very few entertaining variety shows nowadays, and her not being a fan of melodramatic TV dramas, having a show she liked to watch was a big deal.

“When the time comes, I’ll have them prepare an album for you and send it over!”

“Professor He, you promised! Don’t forget!” Jiang Li reminded him.

“Don’t worry, 1 won’t forget!” After all, it was a simple matter, and the idea of compiling previous seasons and sending them together suddenly flashed through Professor He’s mind.

Soon, they arrived backstage. Zhou Chao noticed that many audience members were already seated.

“Young Master Zhou, I won’t accompany you further. I don’t want to cause any trouble for you,.

“I understand. We’ll find our way. Goodbye!” Zhou Chao waved his hand, and he and Jiang Li made their way towards the audience seats.

After some searching, they found that their seats were right in the center of the audience section, providing the best viewing angle. It seemed Professor He had put some thought into it.

Just as they had settled in their seats, an annoying voice from nearby disrupted their peace.

“What a coincidence, you’re here too!” The same Young Master Wang they had encountered in the elevator sat next to Zhou Chao, seemingly by chance.

Zhou Chao calmly glanced at Young Master Wang and replied, “Indeed, quite a coincidence.”

Afterward, he turned his attention back to Jiang Li, acting affectionate. Young Master Wang, feeling ignored, flashed a hint of displeasure in his eyes. However, he maintained a smile on his face, which appeared somewhat insincere.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Wang Hao, and my dad is one of the bigwigs here. If you’re interested in entering the entertainment industry or want to appear on a show, I can make it happen with just a word!” Wang Hao’s gaze shifted toward Jiang Li, expecting her to be excited. However, he was met with indifference.

Meanwhile, Zhou Chao remained composed and said, “Oh!”

Wang Hao’s face turned sour, and he snorted, “Kid, don’t think you’re all that just because you’re good-looking. 1 heard you arrived here in a taxi. Beauty, being with someone like him won’t lead to a good outcome. How about trying my Lamborghini? I can take you for a spin.”

“Oh,” Jiang Li finally spoke this time, but she didn’t even spare a glance at Wang Hao, as if he didn’t exist.

Furious, Wang Hao stood up from his seat and pointed at them, “You…you’ll see!”

He then stormed off, leaving some of the onlookers bewildered by the strange scene..

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