As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store - C.493 - : Leave in High spirits and Return in Disappointment

As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store

C.493 - : Leave in High spirits and Return in Disappointment

Chapter 493: Leave in High spirits and Return in Disappointment

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“The Hunan cuisine at Yulou East is truly delicious. My favorite is still that pork elbow. 1 feel like I could eat a whole one!” Lin Wu reminisced as he drove.

By this time, Zhou Chao and his group had finished their meal and were heading towards Orange Island.

“The pork elbow skin is perfect, chewy and satisfying, not too greasy. It’s just that the meat sauce inside didn’t penetrate, and the meat itself is a bit tough, probably due to mass production.” Overall, Zhou Chao was still quite satisfied. After all, it’s not homemade food; it’s prepared in advance, just like these large restaurants and banquet halls do, with semi-finished products, which is understandable.”

“I love the spicy little chicken, Brother Chao. When you go back, you should make some for me.”

“Sure, I’ll make plenty!” Zhou Chao lightly pinched Jiang Li’s nose.

“Boss, i want to eat too! After all, Lin Wu knows that Zhou Chao’s cooking is much better than this, and the ingredients he uses are all top-notch.”

“Sure, wherever you are, i want to be there for a candlelit dinner with Jiang Li, don’t you want to stand by?”

“Hehe, if it’s not possible, i’ll pack it myself, is that okay?” Lin Wu didn’t even want to show his face for the sake of food.

Zhou Chao nodded helplessly and said, “Okay, that should be fine!”

Looking at Zhou Chao’s helpless figure, Jiang Li giggled beside him.

Soon, the group arrived at the parking lot at the head of Orange Island. Since it wasn’t the weekend, parking was quite convenient.

After scanning their codes, the three of them walked in directly.

“Let’s take this sightseeing car. Orange Island is so big, it’s nearly a few kilometers in circumference.” Zhou Chao considered Jiang Li’s pregnancy and asked for her opinion.

“Let’s take the sightseeing car, we can get on and off at any time.”

Lin Wu overheard their conversation and bought three tickets for the island’s sightseeing car at the ticket counter, costing 120 yuan.

Because it was a circular route, as long as you got off at the stops, it was fine. After a while, a bright orange sightseeing car stopped in front of them.

“Where should we go first?”

“Let’s go see the statue of the great man first and then appreciate the beautiful scenery of Orange Island.” Zhou Chao mainly came to see the statue.

The sightseeing car soon started, and the speed was not very fast, after all, there were many people coming to check in or locals coming to play.

“It’s so crowded when it’s not even the weekend, why are there so many people?” As they approached the statue, the number of people increased, and when they looked out the window, it was densely packed with people.

“Well, 1 didn’t expect so many people either.” Zhou Chao estimated that there were at least a few thousand people, especially the small square in front of the statue, which was filled with people.

Jiang Li withdrew her gaze and turned to ask, “Shall we still go and see?”

“Let’s just take photos from the car; it’s too crowded!” Originally, he wanted to experience the feeling of the great man at that time, but reality gave him a heavy blow.

Jiang Li didn’t say much either. After all, there were too many people, and there was really nothing fun to do if they got off.

Then she took out her phone and started taking pictures. Fortunately, the car wasn’t going very fast, and Jiang Li took several nice photos and even pulled Zhou Chao to take a couple of pictures together.

Zhou Chao looked at the massive statue and silently muttered in his heart, “System, check-in!”

“Check-in successful. Congratulations, Host, on obtaining a figurine from Hengdian World Studios! Relevant information has been placed in the system’s warehouse.”

Hearing the system’s voice, Zhou Chao’s face wore a strange expression. What was the system up to? Was it hinting at something? Was it suggesting he venture into the world of cinema? Act in movies and fulfill an actor’s dream?

“Brother Chao, what’s wrong with you? You seem a bit off.”

Jiang Li’s words suddenly woke Zhou Chao from his thoughts. He smiled and said, “It’s nothing, just felt that this trip wasn’t as interesting as I expected.”

After the sightseeing car circled around the statue at Orange Island, it headed towards the other side. Watching the Xiang River outside, feeling the river breeze on their faces, it gave them a refreshing feeling.

“Ah, the biggest miscalculation today was not knowing that there would be so many people at Orange Island,” Zhou Chao sighed as he watched the continuous stream of tourists.

“It’s okay, Brother Chao, at least we’ve been here.

“That’s true, it’s a consolation!”

Soon, the sightseeing car completed its round and returned to the place where Zhou Chao and the others had boarded. Because of the large crowd, none of them got out of the car and finished exploring Orange Island from the comfort of their seats.

After completing a round of sightseeing, which took about twenty minutes, they had seen most of the scenery.

“Let’s go back to the hotel and take a rest. I’m not in the mood for more sightseeing.”

They left the park and drove back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, Zhou Chao lay down on the sofa, and Jiang Li, who had felt sleepy on the car ride back, went straight to their room to sleep.

“Unconsciously, i already have control over two film and television studios in China. Should I start utilizing them?” Zhou Chao thought about the novel copyrights he had purchased earlier and wondered if he should put this project on the agenda. As for whether it would be profitable or not, he didn’t really care anymore.

“All, forget it, I don’t feel like it. I’ll decide later. After all, I’m heading to Hangzhou in a couple of days. I should visit Hengdian then.” Even though Lao Ma had helped him last time, it hadn’t been of much use, but Zhou Chao still wanted to show his gratitude by treating him to a meal and checking out that robust film and television company.

“Boss, how many more days do we plan to stay here?”

“Why? Is there something you want to do?”

“I want to go back and see my dad and the others. I’ve reached their doorstep; not going back feels a bit unsettling.” Lin Wu felt a bit embarrassed saying this, considering he had initially stated he wouldn’t go back.

“I told you to go back earlier, but you insisted on staying tough. Alright, you can go back now. If you drive fast, you should be home by tonight. Take the car and drive back,” Zhou Chao said with a smile, looking at Lin Wu.

“Boss, it’s not right to do that. If I take the car, it won’t be convenient for you to go out!”

“What so inconvenient? There are plenty of taxis outside, and besides, driving a Rolls-Royce is too conspicuous, especially in the city center.”

Lin Wu didn’t say anything more after hearing this. He knew that Zhou Chao was firm in his decisions, and driving back home would indeed be more convenient!

“Boss, 1’11 be on my way then!”

“Well, stay a few more days at home and spend time with your parents.”

“Thank you, boss!” Lin Wu said and left with the car keys.

Watching Lin Wu’s departing figure, Zhou Chao couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental. “Home is so close, but I can’t go back!”

All the sighs turned into a deep “sigh.”

“Ding dong!” A clear sound snapped Zhou Chao back to reality.

“Who’s sending me a message now?” After all, he had only a few contacts on his WeChat, mostly acquaintances, and it was rare for someone to message him there.

He picked up his phone and saw a message from Teacher He: “Chao- Do you have time to come to our live show tonight? If you do, I’ll reserve three tickets for you!”

Zhou Chao was a bit surprised but it made sense. After thinking for a moment, he replied to Teacher He’s message: “Sure, but two tickets are enough for me and my wife to come!”

He soon received a reply: “Okay, don’t forget the time. Let’s have a meal together after it’s over!”


In no time, Teacher He sent two e-tickets. Zhou Chao checked the time; the show was scheduled for 7 PM. He estimated that they had plenty of time, so they could grab some street food for Jiang Li before heading to the show.

Time passed quickly, and it was already 5 PM. Zhou Chao didn’t even realize when he had fallen asleep on the sofa, and his phone had dropped to the floor.

Jiang Li came out of the room, seeing Zhou Chao sound asleep on the sofa. A mischievous smile appeared on her lips as she approached him cautiously.

She carefully picked up her hair and gently slid it over Zhou Chao’s cheek.

Suddenly, Zhou Chao unconsciously scratched the itchy spot on his face. Jiang Li was about to laugh but quickly covered her mouth. When Zhou Chao’s hand dropped again, she lightly scratched his face with her hair.

Unexpectedly, at the next moment, Zhou Chao suddenly opened his eyes, startling Jiang Li, who quickly moved back. Fortunately, Zhou Chao reacted swiftly, pulling Jiang Li into his embrace.

“I knew something was itching. So, it was you causing trouble. Let me see how 1’11 deal with you.” Zhou Chao said, as his right hand moved to Jiang Li’s waist to tickle her.

“Ah, Brother Chao, 1 was wrong! 1 won’t do it again. It’s so itchy, please, spare me! Ah, it’s so itchy!” Jiang Li twisted and turned in Zhou Chao’s arms. Luckily, the sofa was large enough; otherwise, they might have fallen onto the floor.

“See if you’re still naughty!”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Li wrapped her arms around Zhou Chao’s neck, whispered in a soft voice in his ear, “Hubby, I was wrong, I won’t do it again.”

Zhou Chao suddenly shivered, stopped his hand, and his right hand went directly to Jiang Li’s hill. Before he could make any moves, Jiang Li gagged, causing his face to change dramatically. He quickly sat up.

“Ah Li, are you okay? Did 1 accidentally press on you? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Zhou Chao looked anxious.

“I’m fine, it’s just a natural reaction.”

“You scared me. You can’t be mischievous like that anymore. What if something had happened, 1 would have felt guilty!” Zhou Chao gently rubbed Jiang Li’s head, feeling remorseful for his playful actions earlier.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Seeing Jiang Li looking perfectly fine, Zhou Chao’s anxiety subsided.

“By the way, tonight, Teacher He invited us to be part of the audience for his program. 1 accepted the invitation. If you’re not interested, 1 can let him know now.”

“Go to be part of the audience? You mean Teacher He’s hosting a show?” Jiang Li asked curiously, tilting her head.

“Yes!” Zhou Chao nodded. After all, the evening time slot for the Fast Book program had not been suspended for any reason.

“Sure, I’d love to go. We don’t have any exciting plans for the evening anyway. I’ve never been to a TV studio as an audience before, so I’m kind of excited!”

“This is my first time too!”

Jiang Li suddenly stood up from the sofa and headed towards the bedroom, mumbling as she went, “I need to change into a nice outfit. I have to look good for you.”

“No need to dress up too fancy. I’m afraid it might disrupt Teacher He’s program recording.”

Jiang Li spread her arms from the bedroom and said, “Really? Then I’ll wear something simple, like sportswear.”

“Yeah, simple is just fine!”

Both Zhou Chao and Jiang Li were already considered to have reached the peak of good looks. If they were to dress too attractively, they might draw unnecessary attention from others..

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