Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - C.3557 - : A question


Chapter 3557: A question

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Ling Han stood firmly on the ground, as steady as a boulder.

F***, what a monster!

When the people who had rushed out saw this, they all shivered in fear, and hurriedly turned around. How could they possibly dare to attack again?

Ling Han merely smiled. His vicious reputation was already deeply ingrained in everyone’s hearts. Seeing that he was unharmed, there was absolutely no one that dared to oppose him.

He couldn’t help but reflect on himself-should he have thrown the perverted pig out to scout the way?

That guy could absorb all attacks, so he probably wouldn’t explode to death.

Sensing Ling Han’s malicious gaze, the pervert pig couldn’t help but shiver. He turned to look at Ling Han, his expression filled with resentment.

He definitely, definitely could not allow Uncle Pig to be used as a scout!

However, Ling Han only needed to test it out. He entered into the loofah field again, but this time, he tried his best to walk near to the bright fruit.

Of course, he did not relax his guard. Perhaps, his deduction was not accurate, so he still had to take it easy.

Close, close, close. There was no reaction at all.

Ling Han smiled, but he was still not careless, because it was possible that this just happened to be a coincidence.

Speculation needed more examples to prove it.

His feet moved again, and he was still near the bright loofah. He approached, passed it by, and went further away, without any reaction. After ten times, Ling Han was finally completely sure that his deduction was correct.

“No, noway!”

“This guy is not human!”

He’s already figured out the patterns of this place after just one explosion?”

“Hiss, it’s the same for Hong Tianbu. Is this the ability of a supreme freak?”

The people in the vegetable field all exclaimed in shock. This was too shocking.

Ling Han smiled and said, “No!”

He approached a person, and that person was greatly shocked. He hurriedly ran in a panic, and in the end, peng, he was blown up. It was still fine the first time, as he had only lost two legs, but after he landed, he unfortunately caused another explosion. This time, it was terrible, as he had directly exploded into pieces.

Everyone was shocked. Some people took advantage of the fact that Ling Han had ventured deep into this loofah field, and hurriedly ran out from other fields.

Ling Han didn’t want to kill those who didn’t push him too far. He simply targeted the people who had caused the most commotion in the past. He was definitely going to kill them.

There was no need for Ling Han to make a move. He only had to exert pressure, and have those people endlessly run towards the depths of the vegetable field. In the end, he saw multiple golden mushroom clouds rise up, and those people were all severely injured or killed.

After Ling Han killed those who had rioted the most fiercely, he did not pursue any further. Instead, he advanced into the depths of the vegetable field.

He walked and stopped, because he would have to observe with his eye technique every time he walked a short distance. This was naturally extremely exhausting, and after a period of time, he would have to let his eyes rest properly.

After walking for half a day, Ling Han suddenly faltered.

When he had just activated his ocular technique, he saw a strange scene. Some of the bright fruits had become dark, while the dark ones had become bright, but there were still some dark and bright fruits that had not changed.


If Ling Han had withdrawn his Eye Technique earlier, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to see this kind of change. Then, going by the situation that he had observed previously, if he stepped in, he would be in big trouble.

He hurriedly adjusted his course, and passed through this area.

Was it this watermelon field that was like this, or was it that after a certain amount of time had passed, the whole vegetable field was changing?

When he was next on the pumpkin field, Ling Han activated his ocular technique the entire time, but he didn’t discover any changes after passing through.

Looks like when the time was up, the whole vegetable field would change at the same time, and it was not only a specific area that would change like this.

Ling Han walked slowly, but the efficiency was really too slow, so Second Baby came out, and the two of them took turns to activate their eye techniques to observe.

Their efficiency naturally increased greatly. Two days later, they finally walked out of the vegetable field.

There was another mountain path ahead of him, and after walking through this stretch, Ling Han couldn’t help but be startled.

They had reached the summit?

Really, there was a massive platform ahead of them, as if it was a sacrificial altar. It was forged from white jade-coloured stone, and was thirty metres above the ground. There was only one place to enter, but there was a massive rock golem standing at the crossroads.

A rock golem? Rock again.

In front of the rock golem stood a dozen over young people. There was Hong Tianbu, Jin Yulu as well as some top-notch prodigies from the prison and the Sea Race.

There were actually so many people that had passed through the vegetable fields?

Could it be that Hong Tianbu had brought them over?

This person had the eye of a Primordial Vicious Beast, which was equivalent to possessing an eye technique, so it was not unusual for him to be able to walk out of the melon fields.


Seeing that another person had reached the summit, Hong Tianbu and the others all turned to look. When they discovered that it was Ling Han, everyone looked like they had seen a ghost.

Previously, there were so many Mystery Realm Tier elites standing guard in front of the melon fields. How did you get here?

However, it was even better that he had delivered himself to their doorstep.

Ling Han, there is a path to heaven, yet you choose to barge towards hell!” A Sea Race elite walked out. He was evolved from an octopus, and his lower body had eight tentacles.

—Who knew if he had managed to worm his way into being friends with that giant octopus when he had passed through that great lake previously? After all, they were all family.

He was just about to make a move, when a powerful force assailed him. Pa, it pressed him onto the ground.

“In the Holy Land, fighting is forbidden.” The rock golem suddenly spoke up. Weng, it reverberated in everyone’s minds.

This wasn t a sound, but rather a wave of divine sense.

Ling Han also shuddered. This rock golem was definitely not a Mystery Realm

Tier, but rather a Celestial Path-level being.

No wonder it could sit on the mountain peak and stand guard. This sacrificial altar-like platform should be the end of this trip.

The octopus from the Sea Race got up resentfully, but did not dare make another move. He only said to Ling Han, “Stinky insect, consider yourself lucky!”

Ling Han merely chuckled. If they really came to blows, he would definitely thrash this guy so much that he would call him father.

“There should be no one else that can come here,” the rock golem said. In truth, it was only opening its mouth, and did not release any sound. Instead, in the form of a wave of divine sense, it directly transmitted into everyone’s mind.

“Then let’s not waste any more time.”

I have a question, and after I ask it, you all have one minute to consider.”

“Those who answer correctly can pass through me.”

On top of the sacrificial altar, there are your rewards.”

When everyone heard this, they all rubbed their hands in eager anticipation. Answering a question was a piece of cake.

“What’s one plus one equal to?” the rock golem asked.


When this question was asked, everyone looked surprised. Wasn’t that simple? Wasn’t it just a two?

But if it was really so simple, how could it possibly be regarded as the ultimate question?

Hold on, could it be that he was deliberately using such a simple question to mislead others, when the answer was actually that simple?

Everyone was hesitating. The key was to guess the thoughts of this rock golem. Was this a simple math problem, or a tricky riddle?

A minute’s time naturally passed in the blink of an eye.

“Answer, all together. Otherwise, I will treat it as a wrong answer,” the rock golem said.

Instantly, everyone spoke up in unison..

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