Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - C.3553 Kneel


The remaining four people were all fighting with their lives on the line, and even that man who had been exclaiming about his itch was no exception.

If they didn't go all out now, they could only wait for death.

Ling Han, however, was unconcerned. He activated his Eye Technique, and everyone's attacks revealed their weaknesses in front of him. The murderous aura surged out, and they immediately fell into a stagnant state. Then, he swept out with his golden sword, killing every single one of them.

It was too easy. Three types of special abilities were used one after another, and the remaining four people were practically wiped out completely in an instant.

If this kind of battle merit spread out, there would definitely be no one who would believe it. It was too terrifying. He was only an Inscription Tier, yet was capable of insta-killing Mystery Realm Tier, and it was not just one, but five at that!

Ling Han searched the five of them, but did not find anything of value.

Sigh, so poor. They didn't even have a Foundation Building Divine Stone.

Ling Han shook his head. He continued to search. Previously, there were so many people chasing after his a**, and now that his abilities were enough, he naturally had to get his revenge.

However, this field of flowers was a psychedelic formation that was constantly changing. Without unravelling the profound secrets within, one would not be able to walk out at all. Thus, whether one could meet someone or not was completely up to luck.

Unfortunately, Ling Han's luck suddenly became bad.

On the second day, even if Ling Han continued to use the Ice Origin Stone to cultivate, he still did not summon anyone.

On the third day, a massive change suddenly took place in the flower field. Ling Han had only walked for a short while, when suddenly, everything became clear ahead of him.

A mountain path appeared ahead of him.

Yi, he had walked out?

Ling Han faltered upon this. Only then did he realize that the overall power of heaven and earth had clearly fallen to zero, or perhaps it had dropped to a negligible level. It was because of this that he had been able to advance so smoothly.

It was not just him. The others were the same as well. There were people in front of Ling Han, and behind him, there were also people coming out one after another.

"Ling Han!" someone suddenly called out. Instantly, everyone's eyes turned towards him.

Ling Han's eyes swept over the surroundings. However, it was a pity that Hong Tianbu wasn't here.

However, he still saw a familiar person - Ma Qiuling.

"Hand over the treasure!" Someone immediately charged over.

"That's mine!"

"All of you, scram!"

Even more people charged out, all of them scrambling to be the first. In their eyes, Ling Han, who was only in the Inscription Tier, was naturally not much of a threat. As long as he did not hide himself in the Void Beast hide, there was no need to fear him at all.

Ling Han moved, and began his counterattack.

He targeted a person, and simply crashed over. The murderous aura attack shot out, and that person instantly faltered. With Ling Han's current cultivation level of Seven Inscriptions, the murderous aura attack would have a terrifying effect on even Mystery Realm Tier elites.

That person faltered for a moment, and Ling Han had already charged over. He shot out a punch, and peng, this person was instantly blasted into pieces.


The others all braked. F***, this was too terrifying. A Mystery Realm Tier had actually been insta-killed with a single punch?

Are you a Celestial Path elite?

No, this was only an Inscription Tier.

Ling Han retracted his fist, and his baleful gaze swept over everyone's faces. "I have no feud with you people, yet you people insist on killing me. Do you think I'm easy to bully?"

Everyone was speechless. As they saw it, Ling Han was indeed very easy to bully. He was merely an Inscription Tier, but who would have thought that even he would be able to make a comeback? And that Ling Han's strength increase to such a terrifying extent?

If they had known this would happen, they would not have been so greedy in the first place.

Ling Han set his eyes on Ma Qiuling. This woman's forehead was still swollen, and it could be seen that there were words printed on it. Those words had been carved on the piece of the mysterious tombstone. Even a freak like Hong Tianbu would need a few months to erase them.

Ma Qiuling's heart trembled under his gaze. She naturally knew that the person who had knocked her out was Ling Han. At one time, she had hated him so much that she was gritting her teeth. Who knew how many times she had dreamed of tormenting Ling Han after seeing him.

But now that they had really come face to face, she was only left with an endless chill.

This was too terrifying. One punch was enough to kill a Mystery Realm Tier elite; he was practically like a monster.

Ling Han withdrew his gaze. Someone like Ma Qiuling was completely beneath his notice. He stated calmly, "Kneel!"


Everyone was taken aback. 'You want us to kneel?'

"Ling Han, don't go too far!" one of them shouted. "Seizing treasures in ancient sites is filled with danger in the first place. If you're afraid, you don't have to come out at all!"

Ling Han nodded, "That's right. The ancient site means to for treasures, and we decide the victor with our abilities. Thus, I have no complaints about you guys hunting me down, because this is completely useless! However, my abilities are stronger now, so I want you guys to kneel down. Do you guys submit?"

"No!" someone shouted. "Everyone, don't be afraid. He's only one person. How can he be a match for our combined forces?"


He had just finished speaking, when his whole person was sent flying, and crashed heavily into the mountain wall. Then, he slid down, and at least one third of all the bones in his body had been broken.

Ling Han appeared where that person had been. Just now, he had used the Imminent Skyline and aimed at that person. The collision at high speed was naturally extremely terrifying. However, he had cultivated Seventh Extreme, and his internal organs were all inscribed, so his defenses were incredibly powerful. With this collision, half of the bones in that person's body were broken, yet he was completely unscathed.

Ling Han gave a stretch. Under the direct impact, he had also suffered the same impact. However, for him, this only made him feel slightly dizzy.

His foundations were sturdy, and that was how freakish he was.

Everyone was shocked. How could an Inscription Tier cultivator be so strong? He crashed into a Mystery Realm Tier, and as a result, the Mystery Realm Tier was half-dead from the collision.

Where were the iron rules of cultivation?

"Kneel!" Ling Han said calmly. This time, he had instilled a sliver of murderous aura into his body, which was filled with a powerful intimidation.

Someone quietly retreated, then turned and fled. In the end, he followed in the footsteps of the previous person, and was rammed by Ling Han. Half the bones in his whole body were shattered, and it was too horrible to look at.

Ling Han did not speak further, and merely looked coldly at everyone around him. There would be no next time, and he would start a massacre.

Pa, finally, someone knelt down. Though it was incredibly humiliating, but to save their lives, so what if they suffered a little humiliation?

At present, Ling Han was only in Inscription Tier, and they only had to leap over the Celestial Gate, and suppressing Ling Han would naturally be a piece of cake.

Thus, he had to suppress his anger for now.

With someone setting a precedent, everyone's morale naturally dropped drastically. More and more people knelt, whether it was the humans, Demon Race, or Sea Race.

Finally, everyone knelt, as if they were worshipping a king tier.

If this scene was told to anyone else, there would definitely be no one who would believe it. A group of Mystery Realm Tier elites were actually suppressed by a mere Inscription Tier cultivator, and worshipped him on their knees. This was practically inconceivable.

Ling Han moved, and shot out a punch at one of them.

"You" That person hurriedly parried, "Ling Han, you are not a man of your word!"

The others also stood up one after another. 'You requested us to kneel, and we have all knelt. What else do you want?'

"I only told you to kneel, but I didn't say that I would spare your lives if you knelt," Ling Han said. "You guys really should see your previous ugliness. For the sake of survival, you're begging for your lives. Hehe!"

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