Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - C.3551 - : Exhaling a Sword Qi

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

C.3551 - : Exhaling a Sword Qi

Chapter 3551: Exhaling a Sword Qi

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It could be said that Hong Tianbu thought very, very highly of Ling Han. At the first instant, he thought of Ling Han, though there was no proof.

Hong Tianbu frowned slightly. Even if he had fused with the eye of a Primordial Beast, the heavens were still extremely calm, and did not move in the slightest.

Even with his freakish talent, he had still not alerted the heaven and earth. Yet Ling Han had managed to do so.

Just what earth-shattering feat had this brat done?

Hong Tianbu was filled with curiosity, but he was also extremely wary. The more freakish Ling Han was, the more difficult it would be for him to kill him.

Hong Tianbu wasn’t the only one. Those who had come out of the prison like Jin Yulu and the others naturally knew even more. They were stunned. Even in a world where martial arts prospered, it was extremely rare to see such a scene of divine fury.

As far as Jin Yulu knew, there was once a great tribe that had created a terrifying Spirit Tool, that could continuously evolve by devouring the blood of all races. When they used this kind of weapon, the heaven and earth raged, and a bolt of lightning directly shattered the Spirit Tool, as well as killed the great elites that controlled the Spirit Tool.

From then onwards, this great tribe had become an ordinary tribe, and there was no news of it at all now.

But here, how could such an evil Spirit Tool appear?

What in the world had happened?

When Seven Inscriptions began, Ling Han multi-tasked, and at the same time, began to inscribe on several organs.

His speed was extremely fast, because the first million veined patterns were only copied. There was no need for him to think at all. Even if he multitasked, his speed was still astonishingly fast.

300,000 strokes, 500,000 strokes, 800,000 strokes… a million strokes!

Yi, why couldn’t there be any more veined patterns?

Ling Han was startled, and only then did he realize that the process of Seven Inscriptions had ended.

Had time become shorter?

No, Ling Han shook his head. The process of Seven Inscriptions was still as long as before, but because he had to inscribe on multiple organs at the same time, it naturally affected his speed. Thus, he only managed to inscribe around a million, and the process of Seven Inscriptions was already over.

However, a million patterns… was powerful enough.

It should be known that Ling Han did not just lay out a million veined patterns on his stomach, but all the remaining organs. Going by that calculation, he, as a Seven Inscriptions, would be terrifying.

In any case, the process of Seven Inscriptions had ended, and he had also achieved the result he wanted, inscribing all his organs.

The benefits that this brought were too great.

Ling Han exhaled, and his breath actually turned into a golden sword that shot onto the ground, creating a deep hole.

All his internal organs were strengthened, allowing him to exhale Sword Qi with a breath.

This was an ability that he had obtained after breaking through to Seven Inscriptions.

A smile appeared on Ling Han’s face. The murderous aura attack and eye technique were both extremely awesome support abilities, and now that he had obtained an offensive technique, it was definitely not something ordinary. Unfortunately, he didn’t obtain any new abilities after breaking through to Seventh Extreme.

Could it be that because he had obtained two when he had attained Seventh Change, he had advanced the payment?

Ling Han’s thoughts were all over the place as he exited the gourd with the children.

“Father, have you really broken through to Seventh Baby?” Second Baby cried out. She used her ocular technique, and saw that Ling Han’s organs were all covered with inscribed patterns of “one”.

Ling Han nodded as he kicked and shook his fists, adapting to his new power. Seven Inscriptions was equivalent to having advanced into Enlightenment Tier, and he was a four-star genius. He could be invincible with a disadvantage of a major tier, and now, he was completely capable of suppressing 99% of Mystery Realm Tier prodigies. He would be unafraid even if he was facing a one-star genius. Only by battling them would one know who would be dying out of the two of them.

“Father is really awesome!” Eldest Baby said sincerely.

“As expected of Father,” Third Baby said proudly.

The perverted pig was extremely stunned, and looked at Ling Han strangely. Was there really a monster in this world that could achieve Seven Inscriptions? After Ling Han had fully familiarized himself with his present power, he revealed a smile. It was time for him to get his revenge.

He roamed around the flower fields, looking for people everywhere.

What depressed him was that previously, when he had not wanted to encounter anyone, he would always encounter one from time to time, but now that he had taken the initiative to search, he could not find even one.

Forget it.

He rested at night, and early in the morning of the second day, he took out the Ice Origin Stone. Once this treasure appeared, it would definitely attract the people in the vicinity.

He held onto the precious stone to cultivate, and his cultivation level instantly increased. After advancing into Seven Inscriptions, he had gained a lot of room for improvement.

All of a sudden, a thought flashed through Ling Han’s mind. With a wave of his divine sense, he “saw” a person approach him.

Ling Han remained calm and collected. Right now, every second of cultivation time was extremely precious, so he didn’t want to waste it.

Xiu, that person had already closed in, and suddenly moved. A cold light flickered in his hand. That was a saber, and slashed out at Ling Han.

The blade was about to reach Ling Han, yet Ling Han didn’t react at all. It was as if he couldn’t feel anything at all.

That person couldn’t help but look pleasantly surprised, as if the Ten Thousand Star Stone, Ice Origin Stone, and other treasures were already beckoning towards him.


The saber had already arrived, yet the person was astonished to discover that Ling Han hadn’t been sliced into two.

What was going on?

He took a closer look, and couldn’t help but feel stunned. That was because the saber’s blade had slashed onto a small fat pig’s body. Its skin was pink and tender, as if it would break with a single squeeze, but when it was struck by the saber’s blade, it only caved in slightly, and there was absolutely no sign of breaking through.

F* * *, what kind of pig was this?

The perverted pig was also very furious. Why did someone keep attacking it?

Are you all blind? You can’t even differentiate between humans and pigs?’ The man faltered for a moment before hurriedly retracting his saber. He then swung his saber toward Ling Han again. With a pu, he immediately realized that something was off. This was because the saber didn’t feel like it had sliced open a human body at all.

Looking, it was indeed that perverted pig that had blocked this strike.

Meanwhile, the pervert pig looked at that person with deep hatred. Just how blind are you, and you still want to kill Uncle Pig?

It hurt, b@stard!

Ah!” That person roared fiercely, and struck repeatedly with his saber.

Pu, pu, pu, pu! However, his attacks only landed on the lecherous pig. This pig was extremely mysterious, being able to absorb all attacks, and this did not affect Ling Han’s cultivation at all — in truth, Ling Han multitasked as he cultivated, while holding the pig in one hand and moving it back and forth, blocking the attacks that came his way.

That person delivered a few dozen slashes consecutively, yet they were all blocked by the perverted pig, which made him both depressed and shocked.

What was wrong with this pig?

However, his heart also throbbed wildly. If he could capture this pig, wouldn’t he gain a super shield?

“Give it to me!” He stretched out his hand, and no longer drew his saber.

Instead, he forcefully snatched the perverted pig.

Ling Han shot out a punch. Peng, the blow landed, and that person was instantly sent backwards. However, Ling Han’s whole person was also sliding backwards on the ground. In terms of power, he was still slightly inferior to Mystery Realm Tier.

That person howled, and attacked repeatedly. He wanted to kill Ling Han, and also wanted to snatch the perverted pig, but could not achieve either feat.

He was not willing to give up. There were too many treasures hidden on Ling Han. It was rare to see Ling Han not run, so how could he be willing to give them up?

And just like that, time passed quickly.

“Are you done yet?” Ling Han suddenly asked.

The man was startled. Previously, Ling Han seemed to have been severely injured, and had been using the little fat pig as a shield. Occasionally, he would counter, but had never opened his mouth to speak. Now that he had suddenly spoken, it really gave him a scare.

“Hand over the treasure!” the person shouted..

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