Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - C.3548 - : Flower fields

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

C.3548 - : Flower fields

Chapter 3548: Flower fields

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Ling Han immediately exited the Essence Nurturing Gourd and activated the Imminent Skyline, instantly vanishing from where he stood.

When Hong Tianbu and the others arrived, this place was naturally already empty.

In the distance, Ling Han revealed a smile, and took advantage of the night to travel.

This time, Hong Tianbu should be feeling great heartache.

A night passed, and Ling Han took out the Ice Origin Stone and began cultivating.

This could gather the power of heaven and earth, and with the Ice Origin Stone as the core, the closer one was to it, the denser this power of heaven and earth would be. After Ling Han channelled Brother Monkey Cultivation Technique he discovered that this power of heaven and earth was so dense that it seemed to have solidified. There was practically no need for him to actively absorb it as it would be boring into his body.

After activating the supplementary cultivation technique, his cultivation speed soared like a rocket.

Previously, he was very far away, and his rate of cultivation could still increase a good few times over. Now, he was directly holding onto an Ice Origin Stone to cultivate, so just how ridiculously fast was his cultivation speed?

After half an hour, a strange expression appeared on Ling Han’s face. Originally, he had estimated that he would only be able to break through to Five Inscriptions after about fifteen days, but now, he only needed one more day.

This was too much, this was too exaggerated!

However, Ling Han looked at it with his eye technique, and discovered that the Ice Origin Stone was slightly smaller in size. Though it was only a very subtle change, it was indeed the case.

Which also meant that this was actually an expendable item.

It was too bad. If it could be effective forever, how good would that be.

Ling Han thought in discontent, but at this rate of expenditure, it was more than enough to help him break through to Enlightenment Tier.

He put away the Ice Origin Stone, entered into the Essence Nurturing Gourd and began to rest.

At night, the babies came out one after another. They were really too bored staying here.

The group continued to ascend the mountain, and after walking for a while, a sea of flowers appeared ahead of them.

This was really a sea of flowers. There were red flowers, purple flowers, yellow flowers, all colourful and incredibly bright. But it was as if this had been regulated. The same flowers were all growing in the same place, in an incredibly neat manner.

Ling Han walked into the sea of flowers, but the scene in front of him immediately changed. One after another, the seemingly ordinary flowers and plants seemed to have suddenly become towering trees.

Yi, what was going on here?

He was surprised. These flowers and plants had suddenly become larger?

No, he had become smaller.

Ling Han took a few steps back, yet everything immediately returned to normal. The flowers and grass only reached his knees.


He wanted to circle around this sea of flowers, but discovered that there were cliffs on either side, and it was impossible to circle around them.

He had no choice but to enter the sea of flowers and rapidly advance.

Very soon, he had crossed over this field of flowers, and a tall purple tree appeared ahead of him.

These were naturally the original purple-coloured plants, but now they had become purple-coloured giant trees, with brightly coloured leaves and massive flowers.

Ling Han continued to advance, and in less than ten minutes, he had passed through this flower field again. Ahead of him was a large yellow-coloured tree.

He passed one flower field after another, and soon, he frowned. Why did it seem like there was no end to it?

No, he remembered that there were only a total of 20 flower fields here, but he had already passed through at least 21 by now.

He wanted to climb up the “tree”, but his hand had just touched it, when he immediately retracted his hand. He could see that his palm was bright red, and it was extraordinarily itchy.

This grass could not be touched; it was poisonous!

Ling Han hurriedly took out clean water to wash himself, but it was still too late. In a short while, his right hand had become extraordinarily swollen. It was at least four times its original size, and looked like a pig trotter.

“Hahahaha!” The children all laughed loudly.

The fat pig was also rejoicing in Ling Han’s misfortune, and he started to laugh heartily.???????????????????????????? b

Ling Han sighed. This poison was not too strong, and would not cause him any serious injury. It was just an extraordinary itch, a terrible itch.

He tried to tie cloth to his hands, but there was a layer of oil on this plant, which had strong corrosion, and could easily rot away the cloth.

Obviously, this method would not work.

If he could stand on top of the “tree” and look, everything could be seen clearly then it would naturally be incredibly easy for him to walk out. However, the situation now was different.

How was he supposed to get there?

Was this an illusion formation?

Most importantly, Ling Han didn’t find any traces of formations.

He activated his eye technique, but still didn’t see anything.

“Father, don’t waste your energy. This is a natural terrain,” Second Baby said. “Father, you haven’t advanced into Celestial Path yet, so it’s impossible for you to see through the great power formed by heaven and earth.”

“You can’t see through it either?” Ling Han asked.

Second Baby shook her head, “Unless 1 grow up a bit more.”

“Could it be that I have to travel around here until the end of time?” Ling Han murmured.

“Father, you don’t have to be so pessimistic. The great power formed by heaven and earth will always leave a sliver of hope for others,” Second Baby said, “So, Father, you only have to wait and see.”

“The worst-case scenario would be to wait for a while, and wait for this power to dissipate on its own,” Eldest Baby said. “When heaven and earth channel there would be a change in power. When channeling to a certain point, the ’ power of the formation would be the strongest, and when it reaches a certain point, it would be weakened to zero.”

“In other words, we’ll have to wait until the heaven and earth is at its weakest before we can leave?” Ling Han asked.

“Theoretically speaking, yes, but we can’t rule out the possibility that your luck is off the charts, Father. You could simply close your eyes and walk out in a daze.” Third Baby giggled, “Since this is an illusory formation, without killing intent, I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult for you to walk out.”

Ling Han didn’t give up. He continued to walk around the flower fields, but no matter how hard he walked, he was still unable to walk out.

This was the power of heaven and earth, a natural formation. If he wanted to unravel it, he would have to wait until he advanced into Celestial Path.

A night passed, and he began to cultivate.

He took out the Ice Origin Stone and held it in his hand. Instantly, the power of heaven and earth surged towards him.

Half an hour later, Ling Han stopped, and a smile appeared at the comers of his bps. He had already cultivated to the peak stage of Four Inscriptions, and in the next instant, he would be able to break through to Five Inscriptions.

All of a sudden, he felt a sense of danger.

He stood up and looked towards the side, only to see that a man was quietly sneaking over. When he saw Ling Han’s eyes looking towards him, his expression instantly became awkward.

This person had initially wanted to catch him offguard, but had never thought that Ling Han would catch him red-handed.

Xiu, that person faltered for a moment, then immediately charged towards Ling Han again.

This was naturally a Mystery Realm Tier elite. He held a sword in his hand, and

as Sword Qi danced, dirt and dust rose from his path.

Ling Han shot out a murderous aura attack, and that person was instantly stifled. However, there was a great disparity in cultivation level, so his pause was only a matter of an instant. Immediately, he charged over again.

But this pause gave Ling Han enough time to react.

Ding, ding, ding@ Ling Han drew out his battle hammer, and battled fiercely with that person.

However, this person’s Spirit Tool was actually also a One Star weapon. Ling Han didn’t have the slightest advantage, and it wasn’t long before he appeared to be in a tight spot.

“I’m not playing anymore,” Ling Han said with a smile. He took the babies into his gourd. At present, the most important thing was to break through to Enlightenment Tier. As long as he could advance into this level, whatever Mystery Realm Tier would only be trash in his eyes.

There was no need to waste time.

“Don’t even think of running!” That person stabbed out with his sword.

Ling Han did not even turn his head, and used the perverted pig to parry this

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