Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - C.3547 - : Obtaining the Ice Origin Stone

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

C.3547 - : Obtaining the Ice Origin Stone

Chapter 3547: Obtaining the Ice Origin Stone

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No wonder these people were unwilling to leave here.

The Ice Origin Stone could gather the power of heaven and earth, and even after advancing into Celestial Path, it still had an extremely strong supplementary effect.

However, Ice Origin Stones were hard to obtain, so these people were discussing how to obtain this treasure.

Ling Han left quietly, and followed the instructions of these people, arriving at his destination.

This was a steep cliff face, and there was a green pine tree on the cliff face. It was only as tall as a man, and on top of the green pine tree, there was a jade-coloured rock that was even smaller than a fist, exuding an incredibly weak light.

And that was Ice Origin Stone.

Why was it difficult to obtain?

Though the Ice Origin Stone was indeed placed in a very high position, wasn’t it a simple matter for Mystery Realm Tier elites to climb the mountain?

Worse come to worst, didn’t the Demon Race and Sea Race have “bird men”? Wasn’t it a very simple matter for them to fly up in their original form and obtain the precious stone?

That was because there would be tremendous pressure after they left the ground. Otherwise, the lake previously would have been too easy to cross. As long as they spread their wings and flew, even the octopus monster could do nothing.

Precisely because of this, everyone could do nothing, and could only watch helplessly from below.

However, the Ice Origin Stone was so precious, who would be willing to leave?

Ling Han also raised his head to look. How was he supposed to obtain this treasure?

Too bad, the people behind him were too close. Otherwise, Ling Han could try using the Heavenly Pattern Jade to smash it down.

Hold on, could Sixth Baby do it?

Ling Han called Sixth Baby over, and said, “There’s suppression here. Can you break through this barrier?”

“I’ll try,” Sixth Baby said childishly.

She had an invisibility effect, so she was naturally unafraid of exposing herself.

Ling Han couldn’t see her either, so he could only wait.

After a while, Sixth Baby’s voice rang out, “Father, this suppression is too strong. I can’t do anything about it.”

Even Sixth Baby couldn’t do anything about it?

Ling Han sighed. Could it really be that he could only watch helplessly?

He decided to take the risk and give it a try. This treasure was really too precious. He already had the Ten Thousand Star Stone. Thus, his trip to the Ethereal Peak could be considered successfully completed. Even if he could not retrieve other Divine Stones afterwards, he did not care.

However, he definitely had to obtain the Ice Origin Stone.

He began to ascend the peak, and slowly climbed upwards.

After crawling for a few meters, a powerful pressure assailed him, and the Void Beast hide instantly fell off his body.

This was only wrapped around him, so it was naturally unreliable. With the pressure, it immediately fell off.

Ling Han grabbed hold of the beast hide, but did not put it on. At present, this posture did not allow him to easily put it on.

Thankfully, Hong Tianbu and the others were discussing how to obtain the Ice Origin Stone. No matter how high Hong Tianbu’s intelligence was, he would not have guessed that Ling Han would actually dare to take such a risk.

Ling Han continued to climb. The pressure was like a mountain, and the sweat on his forehead was also pouring like rain.

However, he could still bear it.

Ling Han climbed higher and higher. In truth, he had already surpassed the limits that most people could reach, because this pressure varied depending on individual cultivation level, and was not absolute.

He was getting higher and higher, and there was only a distance of about three meters left.

But by this time, the pressure was like a mountain. He could barely even move now..

Ling Han’s speed became slower and slower, and the slightest movement actually caused his bones to crack.

“Yi, there seems to be a sound?” Not far away, Hong Tianbu and the others were discussing, but there would always be people with especially sharp ears that heard the sound of bones cracking.

He turned around to look, and couldn’t help but feel shocked. “Someone’s up there!”

When the others heard this, they all looked over.

“Who is it?”

“Heavens, he can actually climb so high!”

“He is about to obtain the Ice Origin Stone.”

Everyone was exclaiming in shock. This stunned them. This height was something that they were envious of. No one could possibly reach this height.

“Ling, Ling Han!” Hong Tianbu blurted out, shock written all over his face.

No matter how well he thought he knew Ling Han, he would never have imagined that Ling Han would dare to appear so brazenly, and directly take the Ice Origin Stone.

However, he immediately smirked coldly. This time, Ling Han had walked right into his trap.

“Listen to my arrangements,” Hong Tianbu said. “Don’t alert him first, let him obtain the Ice Origin Stone, and then surround him. SeniorSect Sister Jin, you set up the Dragon Locking Formation, making it impossible for him to cast the Imminent Skyline.”

He casually made arrangements, yet eliminated all possible routes that Ling Han could take to escape, showing his powerful control ability.

Everyone obeyed his command. Though a contest was definitely inevitable after they had captured Ling Han, but before that, they were willing to cooperate fully.

Ling Han naturally saw the situation below, but since he had decided to take the risk and make an attempt, he naturally expected that this kind of possibility would appear. He did not panic in the slightest, and merely continued to climb upwards.

His current speed was measured in inches, and he was advancing inch by inch, and with every inch that he advanced, he would have to pay a very great price. The bones in his whole body crackled endlessly, as if they could shatter at any moment.

But in terms of the hardness of his bones, Ling Han was definitely the strongest below Celestial Path.

That was because he had experienced seven times of bone tempering, and the hardness of his bones was something that even a Mystery Realm Tier could not compare to.

There were still seven feet, five feet, and… one foot!

Ling Han stretched out a hand, and the Ice Origin Stone was within reach.

Everyone was watching, their hearts hanging in suspense. They all hoped that Ling Han would succeed, and after he succeeded, they would be able to snatch the Ice Origin Stone from Ling Han.

Ling Han’s hand reached out, touched the Ice Origin Stone, and grabbed hold of the stone. Xiu, he drew it into the Essence Nurturing Gourd.

He looked down. Everyone was waiting for him to come down, and once he landed, everyone would immediately attack him, snatching the Ice Origin Stone, Ten Thousand Star Stone, and so on.

However, since he dared to take the risk, he must have a backup plan.

Ling Han took out the Heavenly Pattern Jade, then tied the Essence Nurturing Gourd onto the Heavenly Pattern Jade, and compressed it with his Spiritual Power.

“Everyone, we’ll meet again.” He smiled, and suddenly tossed the Heavenly Pattern Jade. Xiu, his Spiritual Power caught up with it, and his whole person immediately entered into the Essence Nurturing Gourd.

The Heavenly Pattern Jade streaked through space and shot out.

It immediately recovered to the weight of 5,000 kilograms, and shot out in an unstoppable course.

No one dared to block it.

It weighed 5,000kg, and even if it was only seven times the speed of sound, its might was still extremely terrifying. At least, it was not something that Mystery Realm Tier elites could block. Whoever blocked it would die. After all, the Heavenly Pattern Jade itself was a Two Star material.


When the Heavenly Pattern Jade shot out a certain distance, a ripple suddenly appeared in the air, as if it had been pierced through.

That was the formation that Jin Yulu had laid out, but it was completely unable to restrain the Heavenly Pattern Jade, and was directly penetrated.

Even Hong Tianbu hadn’t expected that Ling Han would break through the siege in this manner. Moreover, he had succeeded.

In an instant, the Heavenly Pattern Jade shot out to a very, very far distance. A heavy sound rang out in the distance. The Heavenly Pattern Jade weighed 5,000kg, and with this kind of impact speed, how terrifying would its destructive power be?

“Chase!” Everyone faltered for a moment, then rushed out one after another.

They suddenly realized that Ling Han’s sudden disappearance must have been because he had entered into the gourd, and this gourd could contain living things. It was extremely precious, and even a Spirit Transformation True Lord would be tempted by it.

Whether it was the Ten Thousand Star Stone, the Ice Origin Stone, or the Essence Nurturing Gourd, all of them were precious treasures that could cause one to go crazy over them..

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